Oilfield Actuators – Multi-Purpose Devices

Oilfield actuators have many applications, for flow-control valves, positioning drives, switches, motors, pumps, relays and meters. Actuators are classified in three categories: pneumatic, hydraulic and electric.

Discover the Difference of a KUKA Ball Valve Actuator Mounting Pad

At Prism Flow, we distribute only the finest 1/4 turn ball valves, mud gate valves, valve accessories and equipment on the market. As the exclusive supplier of KUKA ball valves in Canada, we promote KUKA’s superior design and manufacturing standards.

Consider, for example, the impressive design features of KUKA’s integrally cast (ISO-5211) raised actuator mounting pad – a feature that minimizes the additional cost of separate mounting brackets.

Need a Valve that is Easily Actuated? Contact Prism Flow

To learn more about the KUKA floating ball valve and its pneumatic, hydraulic or electric valve actuator mounting pad, call the professionals at Prism Flow.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, our collective years of oilfield experience make Prism Flow a leader in the distribution of valves and accessories in this progressive industry.