Cryogenic Valves – Advanced Technology

Cryogenic valves are specifically designed to help transport normally gaseous materials that have been liquefied at extremely low temperatures. These liquefied gases include oxygen, hydrogen and helium, as well as industrial products, such as natural gas, methane and ethane.

At Prism Flow Products, we understand that the cryogenic valves you require must combine superior design with the highest quality manufacturing and testing.

Cryogenic Valve Design – The Options are Abundant

Incredible advancements in cryogenic valve design have produced different types of cryogenic valves that perform various functions. They include:

Prism Flow Products – Your Source for Cryogenic Ball Valves

Prism Flow Products, located in Edmonton, Alberta, is the exclusive distributor of KUKA cryogenic ball valves in Canada. Manufactured by Kum Kang Valve Manufacturing of Korea, the KUKA cryogenic ball valve is one of the most technologically advanced valves on the market.

For more information about KUKA cryogenic ball valves, other valves and valve accessories, contact Prism Flow Products today.

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