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At Prism Flow Products, we can explain how the flow mechanism of modern globe valves have evolved away from a spherical shape, we can help you decide whether a stainless steel or synthetic seat will give better performance, or we can simply take your globe valve specifications and deliver the products that you or your customers require.

Prism Flow Products distributes globe valves, ball valves and valve accessories for the oil and gas industry. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, we are the exclusive distributor of KUKA ball valves in Canada, and a representative for DHV mud gate valves, gate globe check valves and Lubchem valve lubricants and sealants.

Need a Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Globe Valve?

From a 1/4" to a 20" globe valve, straight flow or angle flow globe valve, let the professionals at Prism Flow Products do the work for you. We understand the demands of your industry, as well as how pressure, temperature and controlled media properties affect the choice of product.

Globe Valve, Ball Valve, Gate Valve – Contact the Experts

At Prism Flow Products, we offer exceptional customer service. We also support and protect distribution and agents and do our utmost to help them satisfy the needs of their customers.

Contact Prism Flow for all your valve requirements. Put our network and expertise to work for you.