Kuka Floating Ball Valve Catalog

floating ball valvePrism Flow Products is the manufacturer’s representative and exclusive distributor of KUKA floating ball valves in Canada. Our entire line of KUKA ball valves is available for view online. This KUKA Floating Ball Valve Catalog includes reg. port and full port ball valves in all classes.

For the Best Ball Valves, Think KUKA and Prism Flow Products

KUKA Ball Valves, manufactured by Kum Kang Manufacturers of Korea, combine superior design with technologically advanced manufacturing.

After viewing our KUKA Floating Ball Valve Catalog and learning more about Prism Flow Products, you’ll be as convinced as our other satisfied customers that Prism Flow is your best source for all your floating ball valve requirements.



Listed Valve Catalog

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(Unibody) Regular Port 150/300

(2 Piece Body) Regular Port 150/300

Full Port 150/300

Regular Port 600

Full Port 600 Floating Ball


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